Wellness & Yoga

Amy’s mission is to provide the highest quality instruction of Yoga, Wellness, Spiritual and Psychological Skills to groups and individuals.

Amy is a Holistic Wellness Educator. She is an excellent educator and motivational speaker about topics from nutritional and exercise counseling, to disease prevention, ability to overcome life’s obstacles, to finding your life purpose. If you would like Amy to speak with your group, please email her from the Contact Amy page of this web site or call 909-754-4092.

Amy is a Yoga and Wellness Consultant. She believes that she can assist self-motivated individuals in their healing and transformation on the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and personality levels. Amy provides a variety of yoga tools to assist in the process of healing individuals. These tools include, but are not limited to, yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, lifestyle changes, dietary changes, counseling by assisting in the process of self-analysis. Many diseases and symptoms are related to stress, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disease and neurological disease. The tools of yoga are perfectly suited to complement primary medicine in the healing process of these diseases. The tools of yoga help us to change lifestyle patterns that may have caused the disease in the first place.

Amy never says that one can “cure” an illness, rather she can educate and help to manage the symptoms, assist in changing life-stlye patterns and help the student to gain greater acceptance over the life challenge that the student is experiencing.

If you would like more information on scheduling a Yoga and Wellness Session with Amy, please see the “Yoga Therapy” page of this website. If you have a health challenge and would like to know if Amy and yoga might be able to assist you, just write to Amy on the“Contact Amy” page of this web site.