What Students Say About Amy’s Teaching…….

“Never before have I thought about my organs as much as I have in yoga with Amy. To learn poses that will help to clean out my organs or to help me realize how important my organs are is enlightening. I never realized the importance of spreading my chest until yoga. After doing poses that open my heart the blood flows better and I feel better.”

“I practice the poses that we learned for PMS and so far they have actually helped. When I was first introduced to the poses I had no idea if they would actually work and to my surprise I felt 100% better! I have shared this with my friends because they experience similar problems.”

“Yoga with Amy has helped to improve my life in many ways. My eating habits have changed drastically. I feel better about myself and I am enjoying life. Even my body is in better shape and my clothes are fitting more comfortably.”

“Yoga has improved the free weight portion of my training. I am now able to adjust and hold the barbell with better control. As a result my power and explosiveness have improved and I am moving with better form and technique.”

“I began the quarter hobbling to class and experiencing high levels of stress. Now I am in a better frame of mind and I am walking normal with a healthy stride. Thank you, Amy!”

“Amy has made me more aware of how my body works. I am also more aware of what muscles I use throughout the day. I have learned which muscles I carry tension in. I am also aware of my breathing patterns throughout the day. I recognize when I hold my breath or breathe only in my chest.”

“Not only has yoga been great for relieving stress, but also before taking yoga I constantly suffered from migraine headaches and back pain. After several weeks of practicing yoga, I have noticed that I rarely get any headaches and my back almost never hurts anymore. I am positive that yoga is responsible for alleviating my pains. I have also noticed great improvement in my posture and flexibility.”

“My children have even started to do some of the poses with me in the mornings. They enjoy the time we spend together and they understand that it is good to exercise. I have even noticed that they sleep better at night and cry less during the day because of being tired.”

“In yoga class we were targeting our problem areas, which for me is tight neck and shoulders due to stress. Once I learned the exercises in class I began doing them at home and saw improvements. I don’t know how it worked but it did help, and I don’t really care how!”

“After my daughter was born I had a dull pinch in my lower back due to a bad epidural. When I bent over I was aware of the pinch and if I moved too quickly the pain would shoot down my legs. After one of the classes I noticed that the pinch was gone. I practice yoga daily now with a practice that Amy gave me and the problem has not returned.”