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300-Hour Healing Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance Registered
Location: Redlands, CA
Format: 9 weekends of 3-days each

Any individual weekend can be taken if you cannot participate in the entire teacher training

Module 1- Yoga Sutra
September 5,6,7- 2014

Module 2- Yoga Sutra
October 3,4,5- 2014

Module 3- Anatomy of Asana
November 14,15,16- 2014

Module 4- Asana Techniques
December 5,6,7- 2014

Module 5- Asana Course Sequencing
Jan. 23,24,25- 2015

Module 6- Pranayama Techniques
February 27,28 & March 1- 2015

Module 7- Pranayama Course

March 27,28, 29- 2015

Module 8- Dhyana (Meditation)

April 24,25,26- 2015

Module 9- Observation- only for students of the full teacher training
May 15,16,17- 2015



*A preparation course for YATNA Training

In the Tradition of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar

Amy’s new Educational Resource Center
is now online at www.amywheeler.com

Amy would like to offer you a special workbook for FREE to celebrate the new Educational Resource Center. Just go the ERC and you will see it for download on the home page. The workbook goes through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Chapter I and II and asks you to reflect on 1 sutra per day as part of your daily meditation. The entire process will take 108 days. I would plan to do these 108 meditations as you begin in new journey or endeavor in your life. This process will start you on a path with a positive beginning. Who knows where you will end up many steps from today!

Click here to go to www.amywheeler.com

The mp3 lectures are live sessions that Amy had taped over the past 5 years. More offerings (free and low cost) will be added monthly, so check back often. We will be adding video by the end of the summer. This is only the beginning of a library that will continue to grow over the next several decades.

Amy and her husband, George, are also working on Yoga and Yoga Therapy videos. There will be many offerings for Yoga Teachers, yoga students and the general public who would like to increase their health and happiness.

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